Monday, November 21, 2005

Dr. Cox brings the funny

I've been watching the second season of "Scrubs" lately and that show's got to be one of the funniest ever broadcast. Case in point:

"Do you know how I know that this is yours, Farrah? 'Cause when I paged you earlier, someone found it next to a can of Fresca and a dog-eared copy of Teen People magazine." - Dr. Cox, telling J.D. he found his pager

(I love Fresca.)


spydrz said...

Dr. Cox is indeed high-larious. The writers on this show are just incredible.

Micah said...

Dr. Cox is great, as are Janitor (love how they don't give him a name) and The Todd. High five!

Panthergirl said...

Scrubs is unbelievably hilarious. I don't know why I haven't watched this season, but I did in the beginning and loved it.

Micah said...

Well, the new season doesn't start until January, so you've got plenty of prep time.