Monday, November 21, 2005

It just needs a little love, that's all

Ladies and gentlemen, the upside down Christmas tree.

It was designed, in part, to provide more space for presents. I don't know why everyone just can't use my family's solution:

A present- and tree-dedicated room, complete with a narrow walkway for shimmying.


Anonymous said...

we drastically reduced our gift-giving and gave to charities instead.

that left a lot of room around the tree.

Kate The Great said...

We're too big for big presents. We get small presents now, like bottles of perfume, books and the requisite check. Yeah, that last one is my favorite. Goes right back into the bill paying till.

jasdye said...

micah, that looks like the charlie brown christmas tree.

or, should i say, 'holiday tree?'

Micah said...

thse - This year, I'm making a donation in your name to the Human Fund. Seriously, though, your family's got the right idea.

KtG - No bikes or stuff? I'm still crossing my fingers for that robot.

jasdye - I prefer to call it the "Unity Tree" like they call it in Richmond.