Tuesday, November 01, 2005

"Why aren't you voting? You could be...in grave danger...and I can help you...as your psychic candidate."

Finally! A presidential candidate that we can all rally around - Christopher Walken*.

"Little man..."

I even thought of a great slogan: "He can pull votes out of his ass."

*Yes, I know it is a hoax.


Anonymous said...

We COULD be in grave danger. Christopher Walken is a man who cares about the American people. If I were in grave danger, he would send Todd Bridges to my house to warn me. If I wasn't home, Todd could already be there waiting for me.

spydrz said...

Why does Walken automatically have to be a flaming Lib? I'd always thought of him as a more logical thinker than that...

Anonymous said...

Why aren't you calling? (to sign up to be a campaign volunteer)...You could be in grave danger....Todd Bridges or Crispin Glover could come to your house, and warn you....You could be in grave danger.

Why aren't you calling?

Micah said...

dubin - Walken announched some potential cabinet members: Rick James, the guy who attacked Monica Seles, and Sean Young

Check this out.

spydrz - Didn't you get the memo? No one is a "liberal." They are "progressive."

Law Fairy said...

I'm sad it's a hoax :(

We need a President who doesn't have a middle-American accent. What's it been, 40 years?

And the Shatner-esque pauses would make for gripping SOTU speeches.

Micah said...

We already have a Prez that pauses way too much when he gives a speech. Drives me nuts.