Monday, November 28, 2005

They're playing basketball

I've got a college basketball jones and the itch is finally being scratched. The best sport on God's green earth has started and we're all better for it. Tonight I commence watching. Pizza? Check. Diet Dr. Pepper? Check. VA Tech at Ohio State? Check.

My bold prediction: even though it's a "rebuilding season" at Richmond*, the Spiders are going to go all the way. If they can beat McNeese State, Duke shouldn't be a problem.

*But aren't they all?


Kate The Great said...

Oh baby. You need to go down to the Bluegrass to see some serious ballin'. Though I am not too proud of that most recent loss to Iowa. Oh well, better now than during March Madness.

Micah said...

Ah, March Madness. The sweetest time of the sporting year. I've already been to Kentucky once, albeit briefly. Do I seriously have to go again? :)

jasdye said...

illinois just beat unc.

of course, they're both just shells of what they were last year, but still, i love the reversal - even if it isn't poetic.

Micah said...

Anytime UNC (or any ACC team, for that matter - except VT) loses, it makes me smile.