Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Here in my car I feel safest of all

After 21 days, about 670 miles, and $76.38 in gas, I was finally able to ditch the rental '94 Jeep and get my beloved Jetta back from the body shop. Since the car was sitting for so long, the battery died and they had to jumpstart it a while back. In doing so, they blew out the radio fuse.

It was weird driving my car again. It's so low to the ground! The steering wheel is so far away! The driving experience is actually pleasant! I'm glad I can return to letting my car idle in the garage overnight. Listening to CD-Rs will be nice. And most importantly, given the cold snap we're in, butt warmers!

And, surprisingly, no one at the body shop stole my U2 CDs. Damn, I love the guitar solo in "The Fly." It was a good day (because none of my homies died).


Law Fairy said...

Yay for fixed Jettas and unstolen U2 cds!

When I was apartment-hunting in Los Angeles last summer, I rented a brand-new Jetta to get me around the city. Man. I want that car.

Micah said...

Double Yay! Man, I wish I would've gotten a new Jetta as my rentral rather than a '94 Cherokee. Still, the experience made me appreciate my car even more.

I'm not to fond of the chrome striping on the new Jettas, though.

spydrz said...

The fact that your battery was drained after sitting for a couple of weeks means it might be time for a new one, if it's the original. I forget if you've replaced it or not. Maybe you can charge it to the kid from DeKalb.

Micah said...

I shouldn't need a new one, though, since I just replaced it in May '04. Very queer.

Anonymous said...

Glad you got the ride back. There is nothing more frustrating than dealing with car problems. I got a flat on my way to work this morning (at 4:30am). What a bitch!

Micah said...

A 4:30 am? Oh, man, that's terrible. My heart goes out to you.