Monday, November 21, 2005

Mush into mush

This is mainly for the University of Richmond peeps who visit the blog. From the Dad-Sent-Me-This-Newspaper-Clipping-In-The-Mail File: Pres. Cooper says the school needs to attract a better class of student because it had previously been turning "mush into mush". His exact words:

"The entering quality of our student body needs to be much higher if we are going to transform bright minds into great achievers instead of transforming mush into mush, and I mean it."

ARRRRRGH!!!! His excuse (noted in the linked story) is weak. I can't stand this guy. He laments our school having a poor donor base, but then says crap like this about my fellow alumini and does bone-headed things like removing the co-ordinate system. Other than the obvious financial reasons, that's why I don't give to the school (aside from the $50 Annual Fund I specifically instruct to be given to WDCE). When he's gone (and I get a decent paying job), my level of giving will jump dramatically.


spydrz said...

He's an idiot. Perhaps it's because nobody watched his "Hangin' With Dr. Cooper" sitcom.

jasdye said...


why is he still there?

Micah said...

spydrz - Dad said there's a rumor going around that Cooper will resign. Hope it's true.

jasdye - After raising tuition to the 3rd highest in the freakin' country, I have no clue.