Tuesday, May 17, 2005

20k visitors! Chronic commenter giveaway!

Thanks to my loyal readers (and those wandering here through a search for "Lindsay Lohan too skinny" - seriously, I've gotten a TON of those peeps lately), Micah World hit 20,000 visitors this past weekend. As a token of thanks, I've decided to do something special for those regulars that leave copious amounts of comments and make this blog thing so much fun.

Wear yellow.

The first five regulars to make a request in the comments to this post will get their choice of one of the following:

-A Lance Armstrong bracelet (I've got five of them just laying around)
-A coupon good for one free French toast or apple pie redeemable at Burger King
-A custom mix CD: You choose the theme (hey, go nuts - I've got a HUGE music library) and I'll do my best to find the perfect songs. If I can't fulfill the request, I'll send you a copy of my Summer 2005 mix CD.

This won't be the last commenter contest, so lurkers get commenting! Yeah, this is all a ploy to satiate my comment whore tendencies.

Fine print: All requests must be made by Wednesday, May 18 at 11:59 PM. I reserve the right to refuse any requests. A "regular" is defined as one who has left five (5) or more comments on Micah World as of May 16, 2005. Prizes available while supplies last. Prizes will be sent out at my leisure. I may be generous and send more than one prize. Those that reside outside of the United States are only eligible for the mix CD and will be e-mailed the mp3s for self-burning because I'm poor and can't afford foreign shipping rates. Do not taunt Happy Fun Ball. Hot water burn baby. Void where prohibited.


Kate The Great said...

The breaking news is over. I want a CD too, please! Something I can dance to. House, Hip Hop, Trance, Techno, I like it all. Ahhh yeeeah.

spydrz said...

They still make apple pies at BK? I'll try one of those. Not the same as the sweet potato pies at Bojangles, but it's worth a try.

Michelle said...

damn. I don't think I've commented five times yet! oh well, I'll leave this one and maybe be eligible next time. :(

Micah said...

Congratulations, folks. There's still one space open. And I'm still stuck with 5 Armstrong bracelets!

Kate - Just tell me what them you want (genre, all one artist, songs sung in Spanish, songs to wallow in self-pity to, etc.).

KtG - Do you want that all mixed up or stick with a specific genre?

spydrz - I'll send the coupon in the mail today or tomorrow. Sorry folks, that was the one and only BK coupon!

michelle - Sorry, but I don't think you were quite there, babe. But you're on track for the next time. :)

KPMD - See my comments to Kate (although with you I'm assuming that you'd want a "girls rockin' out" disc). As for the bracelt, Hunter (my nephew to those not in the know) wears about five of them at once. I assume that's the "thing" to do right now amongst his peers and he's not just...flamboyant.

spydrz said...

Yep, I don't need a cd because I already have the two you bought at that gas station near the Slovene border, in Italy.

GMadrid said...

Excellent Idea! Definitely a fun thing to do for your site.

Micah said...

spydrz - Mixing for you - Radio DJ!

KPMD - If Hunter doesn't have a present for you, I sure do.

GMadrid - I thought it was a nifty idea, too.

CB - Great to have you back, bud! Are you in NYC yet? My aunts want me to move there - but only so they have a free place to stay when they make their annual Broadway trip.

As for your comment, right on! Currently, 12 of the past 20 visitors were from Lindsay Lohan searches. A short "where'd her boobs go?" goes a long way. :)

Could I interest you in a bracelet? You'll be just like your hero John Kerry.

Micah said...

You think that's bad, I checked out Lohan's CD from the library today. I am such a dirty old man.

I'd love to live in a hotel, if only for the endless supply of shower caps.

Kate The Great said...

I am still astonished with the apparent fact that LL's double Ds (or whatever mysterious cup size they were) were actually real. The fake stuff doesn't disappear when you lose a ton of weight, just ask Jennifer Love Hewitt.

As for the CD, you're the mixmaster MC expert. You do whatever you feel like, brother.

Micah said...

KtG - It truly is sad to see her schnoobs go. As for your CD, I'll go wild then.

Kate - Will do.

Panthergirl said...

It's 11:49 PM.... did I make it?

If so, you KNOW what I want, Dude! (I've got the bracelet and I don't eat at BK...)

Micah said...

You bet your sweet bippie you're in. Now give me a mix CD them that's a challenge. C'mon!

Panthergirl said...

Oooh hooray!!! I won!!

OK, the theme for the CD mix is....



Micah said...

Challenge! Okay, I've gone through a few hundred CDs and found some songs. This is going to be an odd compilation (yes, Morrissey and Henry Rollins - together at last!).

Panthergirl said...

Ooh goodie. There are some great hate songs.