Saturday, May 14, 2005

Quick movie reviews (addendum)

Saw another movie today:

Hitch: Your typical romantic comedy. Enjoyable, but check your sense of reality at the door. Will Smith was entertaining, in his usual "my mom finds you so non-threatening" way. Eva Mendes was gorgeous. And Kevin James (always funny) brings to the silver screen the whole "hot chick/dumpy guy" sci-fi trend that provides false hope to schlubs like me.


spydrz said...

Man, you're about to hit 20,000 visits. Nice!

Micah said...

spydrz - Yeah, I got a little something planned to celebrate it.

kate - Oh, come on. :)

Kate The Great said...

I'm actually really wanting to check that flick out. I have a huge crush on Kevin James and that Will Smith song is kinda snappy. Plus, he's a hot mother effer, too.

Micah said...

Anyone that has a crush on Kevin James is my kinda gal! :) The movie is actually pretty good, even though it follows all of the genre's cliches.