Thursday, May 19, 2005

My "Empire" blanket

It being Star Wars Week and all, I thought that I'd repost this picture of one of the Christmas gifts that I received last year.

This'll be great for when I'm on Hoth.

My mom bought the panels when The Empire Strikes Back came out, with the intention of making a blanket for me...but she never did. She finally completed it 24 years later. It was quite a surprise. And it's comfy, too.


Micah said...

So you're say that this shouldn't be the first topic of conversation when I'm out on one of my many dates? Shit. Live and learn.

Michelle said...

that is, without question, the best gift ever! it's even better that you didn't get it until last year.

Micah said...

Yeah, it really was a special gift. I kept thinking that I was the only 29 year old to get a Star Wars blanket for Christmas, but I probably wasn't. At least I've kissed a girl.

Thao said...

That is so cool that you mom did this. And as far as KPMD's suggestion, I disagree. You could so get the ladies with this. The blaster-toting, bounty hunting kind.