Thursday, May 26, 2005

Crush of the Week: DJ Rap

This week's Crush is DJ Rap (ne Charrissa Saverio). She's got a new album out (which I haven't heard yet) that supposedly gets back to her drum 'n' bass roots. Her 1999 album Learning Curve is still in my personal rotation ("F**K With Your Head" is an awesome song). And there's just something about a hot female DJ, you know?

Bad girl.

More DJ Rap goodness can be found at The Learning Curve.

EDIT: As a gesture of goodwill (and to help fill my free time), I'll send the aformentioned DJ Rap track to all who want it. Just leave me your e-mail if I don't have it.


Micah said...

I guess that rules out She-Hulk then. Dude, check out the pics on the site I linked. She's a cutey. (And has a rack that you could do Shakespeare off of)

Or her album cover.

Micah said...

She is indeed a tasty Brit.

spydrz said...

Check out Danica Patrick, the chick who's running the Indy 500 this weekend. She's #4, in the second row.

Micah said...

spydrz - I'm sorry, I don't really go for NASCAR chix. I think it's the black denim.

KPMD - Sure, you're foxy, but when's the last time you tae-bo'd?

Hasselback said...

Backfire you big baby, there are plenty of potential crushes out there that can, well, crush you too.

Hell, I dated one of those fitness models once, and damn, she could whoop my ass one-handed.

spydrz said...

She's never done Nascar, I think she races in IRL.

Anonymous said...

Ha! Back in the good old days, Dr. Copenhafer and I used to refer to DJ Rap as DJ Rack. In any case, she's hawt!

I wonder whatever became of the good doctor?

Micah said...

Heartbreak - Good question. Where is indie-er than indie Cope? And DJ Rack - ha!

KPMD - I know you're toned, buffed, and able to kick much ass. I was more making fun of how Tae-Bo was a fad. Seriously, if you still had the tape (and VCR), would you still be doing it? And I thought doctors didn't have any time to work out. "Scrubs" has lied to me?