Tuesday, May 17, 2005

The coolest Star Wars roundtable discussion ever

Geeks are cool.

Empire magazine conducted a roundtable discussion between Kevin Smith, Simon Pegg, and Edgar Wright, where these high-profile Star Wars geeks talk about all manner of things regarding a galaxy far, far away. The Mallrats auteur meets the creative forces behind Shaun of the Dead and they dissect Star Wars minutia. You bet I was in Geek Heaven when I read the transcript.

Beware that there is plenty of speculation (and some known spoilers) about Episode III, so read at your own risk if you want to be surprised.


Hasselback said...

How creepy. I just watched Shaun of the Dead last night.

How's the weather in Ohio?

Micah said...

Shaun of the Dead was third only to Garden State and The Incredibles last year. I've seen it more times than a well-adjusted person should. I like zombie movies and romantic comedies, so it is the perfect movie!

Weather's fine. It was sunny today, but a bit cool. But it was nice enough for me to throw a bunch of shrimp on the barby for dinner tonight.

spydrz said...

I'm surprised that Kevin Smith wasn't employed as a consultant by the Star Wars production team.

Micah said...

spydrz - He'd be great. Lucas already paved the way by adding fart jokes in The Phantom Menace.

Dave - That'd be awesome. Especially if Jason Lee stars.