Thursday, May 19, 2005

Crush of the Week: Princess Leia

You just knew that the Crush for Star Wars Week was going to be Carrie Fisher circa 1983. I wonder if Natalie Portman's character will have the same effect on the younger generation that Leia had on mine. Doubtful.

"Help me, Micah World. You're my only hope."

I got the above picture from Leia's Metal Bikini (no joke). Ladies, you can even purchase a replica bikini from that site. Aw, yeah!


Kate The Great said...

The whole ensem says Primitive Bondage to me.

Bring in the wookie/gimp.

Micah said...

Well, she was Jabba's slave while wearing that get-up.

Anonymous said...

Did you hear what happened to Carrie Fisher recently? Its all been very secret but a guest in her house died in her house!

Micah said...

mrsmogul - Whoa. I hadn't heard that.

Kate - Unfortunately, I haven't been able to coax a girl to wear this outfit.

Shamrock - "Best of the new trilogy" is not a tough feat. And dialogue has always been a weak spot for Lucas. The whole Bush admin.-Empire connection has been discussed to death elsewhere. Lucas wrote the story years ago and actually based it on the Roman Empire. I say let Jar Jar Binks filibuster (but I'd reserve the nuclear option if I got even more annoying).