Friday, May 13, 2005

That's the news and he is outta here...again

Another Dennis Miller talk show bites the dust. After airing it for less than 16 months, CNBC has canceled his nightly show, which pulls in an average of only 114,000 viewers. The question begs: what show actually does well on CNBC?

I'm peeved at his being yanked off the air (yet again). Granted, Miller's show was pretty bad when it first started out, but it did get much better as time went on. And I just got a DVR yesterday and one of the things that I was looking forward to was recording his show and then watching it at my leisure. Oh, well. I guess that I'll have to settle for tonight's final episode.


Law Fairy said...

Oooooo DVR... *jealousy flares up*

I was never much of a Dennis Miller fan (though I do love The Family Guy's mock-up of him -- he really is too smart for most audiences!). But I'll tell you what I'm bummed about: the series finale of Enterprise. The show was just starting to get good, and then they end it. They also essentially foreclosed the possibility of any follow-up movies with the finale, which I found emotionally unsatisfying, though on the plus side it featured fun cameos by Troi and Riker.

OMG. I apologize, I really do. I swear to God I have a life.

Micah said...

Law Fairy - Okay, more than the post your blog, you just outed yourself as a geek by stating your love of "Enterprise." I may be a fellow geek, but at least I've never shown any love for Star Trek. :)

KPMD - I'd blame you, but you aren't a Nielsen family, so you're off the hook. The DVR is such a miracle device. I've already recorded a ton of crap, some just for posterity (a Richard Jeni comedy special, an Aimee Mann concert). What was Shamrock's reasoning for ditching not one, but two VCRs?

Micah said...

Never mind the fact that it is a Video Cassette RECORDER and you work a bajillion hours a day. He's so thoughtful!