Thursday, May 12, 2005

Crush of the Week: the formerly appealing Lindsay Lohan

Usually my Crushes don't include the overexposed, but in light of recent events I've decided to give this week's honor to the formerly appealing Lindsay Lohan.

"Remember when I was healthy-looking?"

Ah, memories. Please, Lindsay, give up the nose candy. We miss you.


Clublint said...

She is just lovely in that pic.

Hope she kicks her habit there.


spydrz said...

This is a much better picture than the one below...

Michelle said...

hell, I have half a crush on her in this picture. I miss the hotness. a lot.

Micah said...

clublint - I hear ya.

spydrz - There's really no comparison.

michelle - We all miss it.

Action Randall said...

Perhaps a candlelight vigil is in order... Or for the more lazy, like myself, a pizza.

(Hello fellow Columbus inhabitant.)

Anonymous said...

She was so yummy at one time.... now she's freaky skinny.

My hottie is Julia Stiles though.... she's still yummy.

Micah said...

HarleyWriter - sad. Thanks for stopping by!

Cigar Jack - Ah, yes. Julia Stiles. One of my favorite Crushes.