Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Jules Winnfield, hockey legend

Go here and click on the movie file titled "Hockey with Jules Winnfield." My man in Inglewood is a youth hockey coach.

"Do I look like a bitch? Do...I...look...like...a bitch? Then why are you skating for me like bitches?"

Credit due: Shamrock


Kate The Great said...

I say, GD! That was effin awesome. PF is one of my favorite flicks. Damn. Now I'm hungry for a Royale with cheese.

spydrz said...

What is this hockey game you mention?

KPMD said...

That kicked a-s-s! Guess this is part of Jules' "walkin' the earth", "like Kane in Kung-Fu". It was kinda like a cross b/t Pulp Fiction and Mighty Ducks (Emilio Estevez could only hope to be that cool). It is also no surprise at all that this tickled my husband's fancy.

Micah said...

KtG - Jules is one the best cinematic characters ever.

spydrz - I seem to remeber attending a bunch of hockey games in the past, but not so much over the last 9 or so months.

KPMD - Quack...quack...quack. Sorry - I was having a Mighty Ducks flashback. Don't tell me that sitting through that movie wasn't on par with a tour of duty in Nam. And for once, your hubby's useful!