Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Get your culture on, Charlie Brown

So, who's up for a road trip to Cleveland? Until May 15, the Western Reserve Historical Society is hosting an exhibit titled "Good Grief", which allows you to "get to know the PEANUTS Gang-and (yourself)-in a whole new way." How could you not want to go to that? It sounds like a lot of fun.

"Call Waiting"

While you're in a Snoopy mood, check out the paintings of Tom Everhart - the only artist authorized by the late Charles Schultz to paint these classic comic characters. I remember seeing some of his paintings in a gallery at the Venetian in Las Vegas and was quite impressed, despite my dislike of modern art. Once I amass my fortune and start to build my art collection, these works will be the centerpiece.


spydrz said...

As long as we don't have to go to a dreadful Indians game. Are they last in their division yet?

Panthergirl said...

I would love to go back to Cleveland to see that exhibit!! I was there in 2002 for a business trip, and went to the R&R Hall of Fame which I LOVED. Wish I really did have a reason to go back...especially on someone else's dime!

Panthergirl said...

Hey Micah....you're my "Wednesday's Child" this week!

Micah said...

spydrz - I have no opinion of the Indians. But I did just get my Washington Nationals cap in the mail!

panthergirl - I've long wanted to go to the R&R Hall of Fame, but have heard mixed things (the negatives came from non-music geeks, though). And thanks so much for honoring me as a WC!

(That makes me sound like a water closet)

Kristen said...

I'm from Cleveland -- if you go and need restaurant rec's I'll be happy to give you some.

Also...the Body Worlds exhibit is at the Great Lakes Science Center (corpses covered in plastic -- they show muscles and organs) and it's supposed to be very interesting.


Micah said...