Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Just call me Bleedin' Gums Micah

Now that I have insurance again, I figured why not go to the dentist? I haven't been since the Clinton administration and tartar buildup just ain't cool. So I had an appointment today for an exam and cleaning.

The good news: The streak continues! It's been 29 years and still no cavities. I gots no love for the Cavity Creeps. Also, I found out that my religious use of Plax for the past few years has been a waste of time and money. That'll save me a few bucks each month. Vegas, here I come!

The bad news: Tartar has left my gums bloodier than a steak cooked rare. Seriously, I can't shave and floss in the same day for fear of passing out from blood loss. I have to use this prescription mouthwash (!) for a couple of weeks to get them back into shape.

I almost don't want to eat because my teeth are so CLEAN (picture me rubbing my tongue across my teeth like in that old toothpaste commercial). But in a minute I'm going to grill out some Hebrew National hot dogs - the BEST consumer grade hot dogs available.

I also picked up some Premium Plus Crest White Strips, but I think I'll wait a few days before I start that. I should've asked if there'd be a conflict between that and my fluoride treatment, mouthwash, etc. I have a feeling that the dentist would have pimped his own expensive (and not covered on my insurance) whitening procedure, though.


spydrz said...

Those are some good hotdogs.

Panthergirl said...

Hey, I never had a cavity either (and I'm pushing 50, babe) but I think my luck may have run out. I've got a dentist appointment on the 24th and I have a sneaking suspicion...

Micah said...

spydrz - Damn good. Not to mention HN's bratwursts and lunchmeats.

panthergirl - I thought that I'd have one for sure, since I hadn't had my teeth check in so long. Good luck!

KPMD - Capital letters and bold type? I guess you're serious. Thanks for the heads-up. I get enough bleach through the 5 or 6 glasses of Clorox that I drink daily.

Anonymous said...

Man, you need to get your Listerine on.

Don't fall in with the teeth whitening crowd, that's just more post-materialist american wackness/vanity.

get stainless steel fronts instead.