Friday, May 20, 2005

Lego my Wookie

I just got the coolest game last night: Lego Star Wars*. Sure, it's a kid's game, but the pod race took me longer than I care to admit. It really is fun to see the Star Wars universe constructed out of Legos. Plus it came with a free ticket for Episode III.


Bascially, you play through Episodes I - III, though I've heard that you can unlock Episode IV: A New Hope - or as I grew up calling it, Star Wars.

*Another Star Wars-related gift from my mother.


Avid Diva said...

That post title is very er...provocative.

I just thought you might like this site:
(what follows is my first attempt at using the HTML tag...don't laugh if I don't get it right!)


John said...

Kids be damned! That game looks cool.

Micah said...

odderie - Thanks for the link. That is pretty cool!

john and kate - The game is extremely cool. It's even more fun when you play it with a friend.

Panthergirl said... son just spent the afternoon playing this on our friend's X-Box. It looks really great!! He loved it.

Micah said...

It's a fun game. I absoultely suck at video games, but finished this one tonight. Now I'm going back and trying to get all of the bonus junk.