Saturday, May 21, 2005

A crazy prediction

Now I may be nuts, but I think Episode III just might have the legs to be the #1 film this weekend.

$50 million on Thursday alone? Yeah.


Captain Backfire said...

You are a bold prognosticator, my friend.

But I'm going to go out on limb and suggest that XXX: State of the Union is going to pull it out--Giacomo-style--with a strong Sunday showing. Never discount the Cube!

Law Fairy said...

Um, hello? House of Wax???

Sheesh, you sci-fi geeks.

Micah said...

CB - I gave up on Cube when he stopped (publicly) hating whitey.

Law Fairy - You may be right. Seeing Paris Hilton die a grisly death holds a strong allure.

KPMD said...

Nostradamus you are not, my friend. "Monster-in-Law" will maintain it's death grip on the nation. Who doesn't want to see J.Lo. and Hanoi Jane fight it out over my boyfriend, Michael Vartan? Light sabers got nothing on Lee press-on nails, nothing.