Thursday, June 09, 2005

"Boxing's been good to me, Howard..."

I went to see Cinderella Man this afternoon and it got me to thinking: what would be my nickname if I were to engage in the sweet science? Unfortunately, the adjective "marvelous" has already been taken (Marvin Hagler). And nothing rhymes with "Micah." The only thing I could think of was "Marzipan Micah M____." And I'm not even a huge fan of marzipan.

Oh, and bonus cool points for those that can name the song this post's title came from without Googling it.


spydrz said...

Marzipan's good though.

Anonymous said...

There's no law that states that all boxing nicknames must be alliterative.

I believe Mitch "Blood" Green has long since left the sport. I think you should co-opt his name.

Micah "Blood" Morris?

or how about Micah "of the Clobberin' Clan Keith" Morris?

GMadrid said...

Cuz I like Ben Folds I knew this one. The song is Boxing.

Marzipan isn't too bad. Magnanimous would be better. Though you would have to be a gentle boxer.

Micah said...

spydrz - Too sickeningly sweet. You would love it, Kraut.

heartbreak - I guess you're right about not needing alliteration (see Leonard, Sugar Ray). Hmmm - I'll have to think about those suggestions.

Gmadrid - You got it. 5 points for you.