Thursday, June 23, 2005

"Shaun of the Dead" soundtrack giveaway

For very anal retentive music geek reasons (a "gapless" recording in iTunes is not truly gapless), I have an extra burned copy of the Shaun of the Dead soundtrack. It's a great CD, put together like a mix disc, with movie dialogue snippets and blended songs.

"It's not hip-hop. It's electro. Prick."

I have even "improved" it by adding two songs not on the original soundtrack: "Orpheus" by Ash (which was in the movie) and "Pretend We're Dead" by L7 (which was used in the US trailer).

How can you obtain this CD? Be the first* to leave a comment, giving the correct answers to the following two questions:

Shaun and Ed try to incapacitate two zombies in their backyard. What identified vinyl records do they throw at them? And what records does Shaun forbid Ed from throwing?

Not counting the electro record that Pete threw out the window the night before, there are four identified "throw" records and three "don't throw" records. Please provide the artist name/album title (where available) for 3 and 2 of them, respectively.

Mini-rant: It is absolutely criminal that this CD wasn't given an official domestic release. Import prices suck. That is all.

*Open only to US residents. Postage costs money!


Micah said...

Hmmm...I'm going to have to consult with the judges on this one. The controversy stems from New Order's "Blue Monday."

Okay, due to poor wording on my part, I'm going to have to give it to you. "Blue Monday" was actually thrown by Ed, despite Shaun's protestations ("It's a first pressing!"). So, technically, it was in the "do not throw" category, I guess. I should've been more specific and used the past tense word "thrown." By that guideline, here was what I was looking for:

Prince - Batman soundtrack
Sade - Diamond Life
New Order - "Blue Monday"
Dire Straits

Not Thrown:
Prince - Purple Rain
Prince - Sign O' the Times
Stone Roses - Second Coming

Congratulations! Even better, I can save postage and hand deliver the CD to you when I see you in a couple of weeks.

Hasselback said...

Damn, I wanted that one...

You know, I think there are zombies here on Saipan. Let's see...

Vacant stares, check.

Shambling gait, check.

Grunting noises, check.

Nah, it just must be tourists who sat out in the sun too long.

Micah said...

KPMD - I hadn't heard that lil' factoid. Cool.

George - Well, maybe if bribe me well enough, I can make you a copy. As for tourist zombies, I thought those were only located in Aruba. What - too soon?