Thursday, June 09, 2005

Crush of the Week: Natalie Imbruglia

This week's Crush is Natalie Imbruglia. I can't say that I'm a huge fan of her music (I do like "Torn" a lot, though), but recently I saw a Saturday Night Live repeat featuring a perfromance by her and I was reminded of just how darn cute she is.

She's so spritely!

Plus she gets a few indie street cred points for her hit being a cover of an Ednaswap song.


Anonymous said...

here's the heartbreak beat on Natalie:

plus ten for being hot, minus 5 for marrying that toothpick from Silverchair, minus 6 for turning a brilliant lament into a happy summertime sing-along. On the original, Annie doesn't even sound like she's gonna finish the track. That's some quality hurt, that is.

spydrz said...

t.h.s.e., your link isn't working to your website...

Micah said...

heartbreak - I didn't know that she married the Silverchair dude. Definitely points off for that (like Kate Hudson falling for the anorexic Black Crowes guy). But even though she had a poppier take on the song, she's still in the black in my book.

spydrz - He's listed under my friends at MySpace.

CB - I've got a great hip-hop song called "DSL" by Apathy (he's gonna blow up - mark my words). It even has a Sopranos sample (I think that's where the dialogue's from). Maybe, just maybe I'll rip it and email an mp3 to you (and whoever else that wants it).

Panthergirl said...

Good choice! I think she's beautiful... toothpick or not. ;)

Anonymous said...

nah Micah, you can't really compare Daniel Johns with Chris Robinson. I think Chris got all skinny back in the day because he was straight up living that rock n' roll lifestyle. But he had his shit together by the time he got with Kate. Hell, I saw them backstage at a concert a couple years ago. Chris looked tall and lean (but healthy) and Kate was, Secondly, the Crowes put out a couple of albums that were pretty good before Kate broke them up. To the best of my knowledge, Silverchair released two albums and then they were convicted of a crime that they didn't commit. They escaped from a melbourne prison and promptly disappeared to the Adelaide underground. Now they travel Australia in a nondescript van helping people in need.

The point? Natalie should've done a better job of leveraging her hotness.

I use that to segue into a diatribe re: Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, but I'd rather make a sandwich.

Micah said...

panthergirl - Yep, she's a cutie.

heartbreak - Ha! I still think Chris Robinson looks unhealthy. But I do like "Hard to Handle" and I can't even name a Silverchair song, so I guess he wins.