Tuesday, June 14, 2005

3rd Grade humor

Heard a new (old) joke this weekend.

Q: What's Helen Keller's favorite color?
A: Corduroy.

It's amazing how something so stupid can make me laugh so hard.


jasdye said...

I'd say the same for your KotHill quote to our right there, which I quoted on my blog.

Thanks for the steal. *Yoink!*

Ohhhhh! 'Cuz she's blind, deaf and mute. But she touches things. Ohhhhh!

spydrz said...

Oh my. Next you'll drag out the Christa McAuliffe jokes.

Micah said...

jasdye - Go ahead and take it. I stole it from someplace else, anyway.

spydrz - Be careful what you wish for...

Q: How did they know Christa McAuliffe had dandruff?
A: They found her head and shoulders on the beach.

Q: How did they know Christa McAuliffe had blue eyes?
A: One blew this way; one blew that way.

Y'all have been great! Tip your waitress.

Anonymous said...


This one is much better delivered orally. Wait, what?

Q. Why did Helen Keller's dog commit suicide?

A. You would, too, if your name was DDDDDDDERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

Micah said...


Okay, one last one:

Q: How did Helen Keller break her fingers?
A: She was screaming for help when she fell down a well.

Micah said...

That first one's a bit dirty for 3rd graders...but funny. I hadn't heard those before.

Do your limey friends like these jokes?

Meredith said...

Ha! I love Helen Keller jokes, and hadn't heard that one! Thanks!

Micah said...

I'm here to please. Thanks for dropping by.

Meowomon said...

I stole this joke and put it on my site. Thanks! credit given