Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Crush of the Week: Kim Poirier

The Crush for Zombie Week is actress Kim Poirier (what - you thought it'd be a zombie?). She played one of the survivors in the Dawn of the Dead remake. Yep, she gets nekkid. And torn in half by a chainsaw. Spoiler alert!

Oh, Canada.

Obscure enough for you? I thought Sara Polley was too obvious a choice.


jasdye said...

her head shots on the site make her look really cute, while the one above looks seductress.

i'm not buying the zombie week connection, sellout!

Anonymous said...

meh. my bartender is hotter.

Micah said...

Honestly, I don't really have a "thing" for her, but she's the prettiest zombie movie chick that I could think of.

But she does look really cute in her head shots.

jasdye said...


you're crush of the week is a man. an old man. yuch! micah's is better.

and i'm a tall multiculturalist.

so there.

Law Fairy said...

Don't forget that chick from Buffy -- wasn't she in Dawn of the Dead too, or am I on crack? I was gonna mention Milla, but KPMD beat me to it :)

Micah said...

KPMD - Milla's not bad (my friend George has a HUGE crush on her). She probably didn't register for me because, unfortunately - or fortunately, maybe - I've never seen either Resident Evil movie. They are on my list, though.

law fairy - I'm not a "Buffy" fan, either, but are you talking about the chick that was in the American Pie movies? If so, that's not her in the Dawn remake - though it does look like her.

Law Fairy said...

Ahhh, yup, that's the one I was thinking of. Well, I never got into Buffy anyway, and I've only seen one of the American Pie movies, so there's my excuse.

jasdye said...

law fairy,

never got into the american pie movies - quite a diff thing than 'american movie' - but started watching buffy fairly hardcore 'bout a year ago. something to kind of end my weekend.

but i don't understand what willow's got to do with zombies. she's a witch, she helps to kill vamps and demons...

oh, sorry, i'm on crack. you thought she was in dawn of the dead. the original? no, wait, still on crack.


i thought i would never say this, but female vampire slayers... oh so hot. there, it left my fingertips. it's gone into the world. oh, forgive me Father.