Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Free Music Tuesday: Keri Noble and the High & Mighty

To celebrate the Supreme Court's Grokster decision, I have some good music for you this morning.

First up is Keri Noble (definitely a future Crush). She reminds me a lot of Sarah McLachlan. This song - "A Dream About You" - is my favorite off of her 2004 album Fearless. The opening lines hooked me: "I had a dream about you last night/I dreamed that you were dead." She goes on to apologize for not being, as she states in the liner notes, "not the best version of herself" in a past relationship. Nice, mellow piano-driven stuff.

Next is a fun summer party jam by one of my favorites, the High & Mighty. This song, "Rock the House", off of the Philly-born/NYC-based hip-hop group's 2003 album The Highlite Zone, features backing by the greatest human beatboxer ever - Rahzel. Check it how he flips the Rocky theme at the 2:14 mark (I've seen the guy live and he just amazes me). Anyone get their new disc - The 12th Man? How is it?

If you want either or both songs, leave a comment with your request.


Anonymous said...

oooh! gimme, gimme, gimme! I want, I want, I want!

Robin said...

Love Sarah, and most anything piano driven - would you loan your roomie a tune? I promise not to laugh at your giant rabbit head anymore.
-Robin Bloginski

Anonymous said...

I got to meet Keri when I was touring with Cyndi Lauper. Keri was one of her opening acts for part of the tour last year. She's also a really nice person... a good person to have a crush on. Maybe PG can turn her into a Sim? What a fun blog you have here. I'll be back soon!

Micah said...

heartbreak - You got it.

robin - Glad you liked it. It's cool turning people onto new music.

last girl -
Cool: you like my blog. Just a note: last week was Zombie Week. It's not always devoted to the undead.
Cooler: You toured with Cyndi Lauper. That's awesome.
Coolest: You've met Keri. Is she single? :)