Friday, June 03, 2005 doughnut.

As much as I love Krispy Kremes - and free stuff - I'm going to have to pass. I've made too much progress on the diet (18 lbs. thus far) to screw it up for some doughy goodness. I'd much rather screw it up with alcohol. Y'all have fun, though.


Janet said...

Sounds like a good deal but believe it or not, I'd rather have Dunkin' Donuts.

KPMD said...


Anonymous said...

Doughnuts rule. Free doughnuts, even more so. Forsake your diet and submit to their awesomeness.

p.s. If you are willing to switch occupations, I could turn you on to a job that will eliminate the need for a diet. You could lose eighteen more pounds in a month's time.

Micah said...

Janet - The Dunkin's good, but nothing beats the Double K.

KPMD - Braaaaaaaains.

heartbreak - Nah, not worth it. I've got sugar free pudding (and fudgicles and ice cream bars) to fill the sweetness void.

Hell, I have not occupation right now as it is, so I'm curious. Is it a position with you in the CIA? Forget I wrote that.

Captain Backfire said...

Now that you've gone and dissed the Dunk, I've got to call you out. There is no finer cup of coffee in the land than Dunkin' Donuts, a'ight? Make a mean crueller, too.

The diet takes a holiday for Vegas, right? RIGHT???

Micah said...

I've heard yarns about the Dunk's coffee, yet I've never tasted it. I'll defer to them their coffee prowess. But their glazed doughnuts? C'mon.

Part of the reason for the diet is to fit into my Stylin' Suit and Vegas Pants again (pretty sure I'm already there). Let's just say I'll be having some more of that bitchin' Aureole bread with my duck.

I do hope you are posting from your Palm Pilot. You live in freakin' NYC now. There's no reason you should be home on a Friday night.

herodotus said...

We of the spydrzweb clan, would love to get your input regarding our latest list, as you seem to envelope yourself in all things pop-culture(much like George and his velvet). Thoughts on your site:
1. KK beats DD...everytime.
2. The whole 'bleeding gums' thing was...un-called for.
3. The whole 'man crush on Brad Pitt' thing...well, that's un-called for, as well.
4. The new Batman looks very promising.
5. Belinda Carlisle is, quite simply, a perfect specimen. We are all better for looking in her direction. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

I've heard of these Krispy Kremes, fortunately we don't have any in melbourne otherwise I fear my waist would be in dire trouble. Good work on the resistance, giving up free donughts, damn strong.

KPMD said...

All I have to say is, once you go Krispy, you never go back. I was raised in the Northeast -- the land of the Dunkin' Donut. I didn't even know there were other donuts out there. However, college in Richmond taught me otherwise. One bite of the light, fluffy, gooey original glazed and I was a convert. Compared to that, Dunkin' Donuts taste like frosted doorstops. However, DD has the best freakin' coffee ever. Hands Down.

Micah said...

herodotus - Thanks for the constructive criticism. I put down my thoughts concerning lame 80's movie characters over at spydrzweb. Let's just say that I think the whole "slacker cool guy best friend" archetype is lame.

naridu - Double K rocks. You definitely are at a loss for not having them available in your country. But we don't get live footy. So we'll call it even.

KPMD - Carpetbagger! Actually, I guess not anymore since you claim Philly as your residence now. Or rather, it claims you.

Kate The Great said...

Thank God I was away from Al Gore's Internet this weekend. Had I seen your post I would have totally done some damage this weekend. I am torn between the whole KK/DD thing. My NC born side would pick the divinity that comes with that bright, neon Hot Donuts Now sign. By the same token, my years of high school in CT gave me an opportunity to appreciate (quite frequently) that beacon of satisfaction known as Dunkin Donuts. Every town in the Northeast has at least one, and mine is right on Route One in Madison Connecticut. The Coolata is worthy of committing international war crimes for.

Micah said...

Coolata? War Crimes? So that's what John Kerry was talking about.

And last year I tried that Krispy Kreme smoothie thing they put out: DISGUSTING. I'm not even sure if they still sell the thing.