Monday, June 20, 2005

It's Zombie Week!

To commemorate George Romero's first zombie movie in 20 years (that'd be Land of the Dead), this is Zombie Week at Micah World. Yes, this week will be chock full of zombie goodness (provided I can think of enough zombie-related things to blog about).

First up, if anyone would like to buy this shirt for me, I'd be mighty grateful:

More important than LiveAid.

Or maybe you can pick me up an "I Got Wood" shirt so Shamrock and I can be Shaun and Ed for Halloween.

What does "exacerbates" mean?

Or you can at least point me to where I can pick up either shirt.


jasdye said...

i tend to view movies like 'shaun of the dead,' 'scary movies,' and 'airplane' with much more love than i do their sources.

'night...' was decent, but 'shaun' was above par.

Micah said...

Shaun of the Dead was in my Top 3 of last year (along with The Incredibles and Garden State). I've lost count how many times I've watched it.

Airplane! is pure comedy gold, but I thought the Scary Movie franchise was iffy. My feelings are based on the fact that I haven't seen a lot of the movies that are parodied there (aside from zombie movies and classic Universal monster films, I'm not much of a horror fan), therefore I was left out of the loop.

jasdye said...

I don't care for the horror genre myself, but I recognize the archetypes parodied there. In fact, about the only of the genre that I like are the first two Alien movies, maybe the first Predator, and the Scary Movies franchise (which is what it is, not to be taken seriously).

'Incredibles' was easily my favorite from last year. Only competition would be the real-life 'Night of the Living Dead' of 'Hotel Rwanda.' Which I, like most, didn't see 'til this year.

Wait, when did Napolean Dynamite come out (I know you hate it, but I LOVE it, I love it, I love it, I love it.)

Hasselback said...

Ok, I caught the update to Dawn of the Dead last week, finally, and it disturbed the hell out of me.

Yes, I prefer my zombies slow-moving. Much easier to kill.

Law Fairy said...

Shaun of the Dead *rules*. It manages to be hilarious AND terrifying at the same time, which is just plain kickass. The recent update of Dawn of the Dead I also enjoyed, as well as 28 Days Later and Resident Evil (the sequel was disappointing -- giant big boss monsters are way less scary than hoards of zombies, and they botched that focus in the movie). I can't decide if it's more terrifying to become a zombie within seconds of being bitten (or getting a drop of blood in your eye), or to have hours to contemplate your inevitable fate. But they're both scary enough to keep me up at night.

Oh, jasdye -- ND was last summer. I, too, am a ginormous fan, Micah's tongue-clucking notwithstanding :)

Micah said...

jasdye - How could you leave out The Shining? That movie's a classic and those two little girls still creep me out. "Come play with us forever and ever and ever..." *shudder*

KPMD - Not to nitpick, but 28 Days Later, while a good film, was not a "zombie movie." Those people were "infected," not "the undead." C'mon - you're a doctor. You should recognize this stuff.

I wonder whose birthday is right around the corner? Couldn't you just see Shamrock and I as Shaun and Ed? We'd rule the earth.

And you haven't seen the Romero zombie movies? Not even Night...? For shame. They are indeed classics.

George - I liked the remake. A lot. But I'm with you in that, keeping with the mythology, zombies must lurch, not run. That's what makes them so scary. Yes, you can outrun them, but their sheer numbers defy your escape.

Micah said...

law fairy - Shaun had one of the best movie taglines ever: "A romantic comedy. With zombies." Damn, that's a great movie. You're right - funny and a quality zombie flick.

And I forgot to add that the first 10 minutes of the Dawn remake are some of the most intese zombie moments committed to celluloid.

As for Napoleon Dynamite: cluck cluck cluck.

Micah said...

You are forgiven. A little later on in the week I'll be posting a couple of links that'll get you caught up on Romero.

I think 28 is a great flick EXCEPT that it wasn't all that scary. It would've been a whole lot better had director Danny Boyle not included first person shots of someone running up to a window and then showing the infected bursting through. It lost a lot of its tension, in that regards.

I've told Shamrock this before, but I made the same connection while in the theater watching Shaun. Funny how we think alike.

And, yes, you'd be Liz. Basically, I just want you two to say "love you" to me so that I can respond "gay."

spydrz said...

I guess I'll be the only one here who didn't care for Shaun. Oh well.

jasdye said...

sorry, spydrz.

actually, i think the reason i like the 'scary movie' trifecta is the same reason i like 'shaun'. unlike the chucky movies or the nightmare or leprachaun movies, these ones are actually funny. which, abso-freakin'-lutely like the simpsons' halloween episodes, negates the terror. at least for me.

then again, i still wet my bed. ('sometimes in april' is a real scary movie. damn scary. forget those other time wasters.)

jasdye said...

law fairy,

yessssss! *congratulates self after getting a strike in bumper ball bowling*

jasdye said...

to law fairy again,

wanna play me?

jasdye said...

cigar jack,

i'm guessing they were making stupid references to the movie. kind of like mine above, where if you didn't know the movie, you'd swear i was hitting on law fairy, if not something worse.

sorry, l.f. fairies just aren't my bag.

Anonymous said...

The shirt Ed has can be found at:

Just be careful not to get a bit of red on it...