Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Desperately looking for friends

So I joined the new hip site MySpace a while back. I kind of feel like the old man at the club, since it seems like most of the people there are young 'uns (22 and under). And all of them are seemingly from California (direct quote from this.heartbreak.shall.endure: "it is a scientific fact that California and Texas provide our nation with the lion share of its HHC or Hot Human Capital"). So, I've amassed quite a few "friends," yet I only personally know and interact with one (heartbreak). And half of them are musicians (although, it is cool that I've been in correspondence with a favorite of mine - Gerald Collier). Any loyal Micah World readers on MySpace? Let's be friends.

P.S. For those wanting a gander of your favorite photo-elusive blogger, I've got pictures in my profile.


Hasselback said...

Ok bubba. I want you to stare into your screen and repeat after me...

"I want to move to Micronesia..."

"I want to live in a place where the women outnumber the men seven to one..."

"I want to live in a place where it never gets colder than 83 degrees, ever..."

Now get on a damned plane and get down here.

Anonymous said...

word! Micah seriously needs supporters over at myspace. He's got like eighty bands, twenty hot chicks (each of whom have no less than, I shit you not, five hundred friends -- once you're over 125 friends, they're no longer people but rather trophies or trading cards), and myself listed in his "friendspace."

oh yeah, what I said about the HHC was true and everyone knows it.

Micah said...

George - I actually dig the cold and snow (sometimes). And seeing as how all the money I have in the bank will cover my next two months of bills and incidental expenses, I don't think I can afford even a plane ticket.

heartbreak - Don't forget the 3 or 4 comedians that are also my "friends." But you were my first true "friend." For that, I'm eternally grateful.

jasdye said...

ok, so i've been stalking this blog for a while now. 'cuz you like pigeon john. and you're fairly funny. and you're one of the only people that uses a great cartoon character as your image. and you actually try to make your blog look lively and not so wordy (unlike myself and everyone else).

anyway, on my first comment here, i have to say, MYSPACE SUCKS! that's it. it's lonely and pathetic. i'm sure there are great people there. one of my friends from here who also got a space there told me that pigeon john himself is on it, not to mention thse is probably cool too, plus, y'know, my friend. but everything about the setup of the thing smacks of desperation.

and i hope you don't leave us for them, too. (speaking of desperation)


Law Fairy said...

I noticed you've been sexed by your friend Heather. Are you at least a little tempted to cry "unsex me!!"?

Kate The Great said...

I just tried to join this thing, and it keeps telling me I'm under 16.

Oh how I wish I were. I'd hate doing the HS thing, but how would I love a chance to do-over some of my mistakes.

And I would have started wearing a bikini years ago.

Micah said...

jasdye - Thanks for coming out the woodwork and leaving those compliments! Yeah, there's definitely a large percentage of shallow and vapid people on MySpace. Pigeon John is indeed on there (in fact, I think that's why I joined). One cool thing is that more and more bands are previewing their music there before it's released. And I have no plans to ditch blogger. I don't even use the MySpace blog function.

law fairy - I usually don't go for all of this "tagging" business. And one of the flaws of MySpace is that you can't respond to comments on your own site.

KtG - High School sucked. But I would be all over doing college again.

Anonymous said...

Ah, yeah. MySpace. The only place where you can have no friends and still get invited to parties in states you've never been to.

I'll be your friend, Micah. Although I still haven't seen this 'picture' you speak of...

Micah said...

Kris - Aw, thanks. You can't see the pics in my profile?

Kristine said...

Yeah I eventually went to see them, but I guess it just didn't really matter to me what you looked like. Do you drink beer?

See, was that hard?

By the way, I don't use blogger anymore. I just wanted my picture to show up like everyone else's. :(

Micah said...

Nah, not much of a beer fan. The only kind I drink is Corona - and no, I don't wear frilly clothes.

But I am all about bourbon, rum, vodka, and scotch. Give me a vodka tonic or a Captain & Diet Coke any day. Although, I haven't really been drinking all that much since South Beachin' it.

Kevin said...

I am on the dumb myspace thing, too. I've been making fun of it for a while, but it is an easy way to communicate with people i know. I'll be your friend. My name there is shiny. I'll try to find you.