Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Crush of the Week: Starbucks girl

This week's Crush is the woman in the Starbucks commercial. You know the one: she drinks a frappuccino and suddenly every man in her vicinity turns into a serenading Michael Buble. (This guy is reading waaay too much into the racial overtones of the commercial.)

Come fly with me.

Yeah, mostly it's the glasses. Ah, the Dirty Librarian Fetish. You gotta love it.


jasdye said...

Starbucks makes commercials?

Yeah, I've got the same Lisa Loeb fetish. Which partly explains my slow reading. PUUURRRRRRRRRRRRR.

Shamrock said...

Yeah, you just are all about the "JOMG"!

Law Fairy said...

That girl always reminds me of Heather Graham.

And you're right, chicks who wear glasses have got it goin' on!

jasdye said...

just got the attached post. fuunny. when it comes to race for some (especially the academic type), damned if you do, damned if you don't.

again, not having seen it yet, what if all the men in that commercial were white in the first place? what if the asian man had turned into stephen chow, jackie chan or somebody else marginally famous and pan-asian? the cry would be tokenism. it isn't fair that asians and the asian diospora are so poorly portrayed and understood in the american mainstream and media at this moment, but who the hell isn't?

even y'all libertarians are misrepresented.

Micah said...

jasdye - You can download the commercial here. In addition to the Asian man changing into Buble, so do a flower delivery man and a window washer (both white). I really don't see any malicious rascist intent in this TV spot. If anything, I'd have to with your tokenism argument, as this is Starbucks and I'm sure they'd want to appear multi-cultural.

shamrock - Yep, that's me. My achille's heel. Well, that and boobies.

law fairy - I never really thought of that before, but I guess she does look Heather Graham-esque. And chicks with glasses are HAWT. You could slap a pair of chunky-framed specs on Eleanor Roosevelt and I'd think she'd be attractive.

Anonymous said...

You could slap a pair of chunky-framed specs on Eleanor Roosevelt and I'd think she'd be attractive.

Dude, what the f*** kind of blasphemous s*** is that? You are now at -50 rugged points for crimes against hotness.

Micah said...

It was just hyperbole, used to demonstrate that the right kind of eyeglasses can only enhance a woman's attractiveness, not hinder it. Please restore my rugged points!

Cooper said...

You're right he is making much over nadda.
She looks a little frail to me in those specs.

Anonymous said...

She is damn fine

spydrz said...

I do enjoy that commercial also...I just drown out the Bubble guy with the images of the cutie.

jasdye said...

Thanks, Micah. I got the extra added advantage of not hearing Buble's pretentious self. (I don't know if he really is pretentious. That's just my bias against male operatics.)

She's cute, though. Def not a hottie. C'mon, where's your standards. Put some glasses on a lady and automatically she's Beyonce.

I bet you'd even think Elanore Roosevelt with the right frames would look pleasant.

What?!? Illllllllllll...

But what about Rosie O?

What?!?! Illlllllllllll... *blah*

Kate The Great said...

Gosh, Micah. You are so easy to please...

Anonymous said...

Okay, I will petition the board to restore some of your Rugged Points. But please refrain from such hyperbole in the future. Russian writers are pretty much the only ones that get a pass on that.

Incidentally, based purely on the vid caps provided, that starbucks girl is indeed pleasant on the eyes. Is she a hottie? I'll need to see the commercial to determine that, but she is hotter than my current girlfriend, "Ms. Right" and my mistress "Ms. Left".

Micah said...

alice - Yeah, I could probably break her, but damn is she cute!

anon - Yep! Thanks for stopping by.

spydrz - Actually, I dig Buble. He's no Frank, but at least there are modern cats carrying the torch.

jasdye - Often times, I go for the more attainable "cute chick" rather than the Hot Goddess, for obvious reasons.

KtG - Yeah, you know me.

heartbreak - Sounds like we're dating the same woman.

Anonymous said...

Lisa Loeb = HOT
Starbucks girl = HOT + Coffee = Perfection!

Micah said...

I think that you've got the hotness formula down.

Anonymous said...

More a cross between Michelle Pfeiffer (General facial structure), Heather Graham's smile, Amanda Detmer (Saving Silverman) body-esque impishness.

Does anybody know who she is? What acting house she's coming out of? I'd bet money that in the next couple of years she will be showing up a lot more on TV and maybe a couple of low-end movies.

Past the Hollywood proto-type ageism of 8-going-on 21. Definite potential for 20-30 hottee party girl or comedic hot wifeliness or girlfriend in a sitcom. Would make a great date/steady for "Joey" if that show is going anywhere.

Kevin said...

Any one disagreeing can screw, she's got my corroborating vote for crush of the week. And My thoughts on Buble's rat pack endeavor are reproachful beyond language.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, who IS that gal? She's defintely a tad bit spicy.

Anonymous said...

Dude, I have been trying to find out her name on the web and I cant find it. She is just really cute, I also have a tv crush on her.

Anonymous said...

The girl in the Starbucks commercial is an actress named Izabella Miko, of Coyote Ugly fame.

And yes, I dig the thick framed glasses. Le rowr, le rowr!


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much....I had a bet going with my dad worth four months of car payments, that that girl was Izabella Miko. He said it definitely wasn't her, but I knew it had to be, but I couldn't find her name anywhere. Thanks so much, you just won me my bet.

Anonymous said...

You can see more of Izabella Miko (yes it is her in the Starbucks commercial) at !

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