Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Crush of the Week: Tanith Belbin

This week's Crush is Olympic medalist and new US citizen Tanith Belbin.

To put it lightly, ice dancing is really fruity. But she's a looker.


spydrz said...

So she decided not to skate for Canadia?

Micah said...

I'm not overly familiar with her story, so I don't know if she ever planned on skating for Canada.

I just like lookin' at her purty pictures.

Law Fairy said...

Ah ha! You DO watch figure skating!!

And does it matter if it's fruity, at least with respect to the women's competition?

My mom is from Canadia. She was naturalized too. But she's not a figure skater.

Micah said...

CB - Are you taking a swipe at my Curl Girls (who are American, BTW)? I'd say she's the best Canadian import since law fairy's mom.

This proves NOTHING. I never watched her skate; just clips of her getting her medal. And when I saw her - whoa - there's a Crush.

Sure, it's not fruity for her. But her dance partner...

GMadrid said...

Great minds think alike. :) She makes ice dancing worth at least a 3 minute peek.