Sunday, February 12, 2006

Why I hate watching new TV shows

CBS cancels "Love Monkey" after three episodes.

I'm sick of this whole "if the debut episode isn't #1 in the ratings, kill the series and replace it with a reality show" mentality of the networks. Gone are the days when quality, but low-rated series are allowed time to develop an audience ("Seinfeld" and "Cheers" come to mind). "Love Monkey" was going up against "Law & Order: SVU" - what'd CBS expect?

It makes me not want to give new shows a try, since there's a high probability that they will get yanked from the schedule. Why bother?

(The above rant also applies to Fox for axing "Kitchen Confidential" earlier this season.)


Anonymous said...

Wow! "Surface" lasted 5x longer than that!

Micah said...

It's just sad. 15 episodes at least gives a show somewhat of a chance to build an audience. But 3?

Not in my United States of Whatever.