Saturday, February 18, 2006

This makes my stalking so much easier

This week I discoverd Google Earth (I know - always two steps behind everyone else). It is so cool! Rest assured, if you're my friend and I have your address, I looked you up.

BTW, here's a little slice of the Micah World Reality Tour:

My house.

My law school.

My old workplace.

My old house.

My alma mater.

I'll post more historical landmarks at a later date.


RichardKS said...

Man, who’da thought it. I feel connected to you in some psycho way. Fate, I guess, is what the Swiss would call it. How’dya feel about green tea icecream? I’m agoraphobic, so this will never turn into anything real. But you can send me presents if you like.

spydrz said...

That can't be your old house. There aren't any vehicles with sirens driving by.

jasdye said...

I told you to stop stalking me!

Micah said...

HJ - Ooooooookay.

spydrz - I think that satellite photo was taken in that rare 2 minutes when there wasn't an ambulance or fire truck passing by the house.

jasdye - Don't blame me. Blame Google.

Law Fairy said...

Why are we worried about all this NSA crap when it's clearly google who should be feared??

Micah said...

Seriously! Couple that with Google's playing nice with the Red Chinese (Tiananmen Square? Wha' happened?) and we know who the real enemy of liberty is. :)

jasdye said...

"Wha' happened?"

did you just "A Mighty Wind"?

Micah said...

Thanks for getting the reference. If I could post pictures in the comments, I would've put up one of Fred Ward in that movie.