Monday, February 20, 2006

Happy Presidents' Day

I've spent part of this holiday weekend brushing up on some Executives (I'm a dork), watching documentaries on Thomas Jefferson and Teddy Roosevelt. I half expected one of my law professors to be featured on the former, considering how much on TJ's jock he was. I have one left to watch: Ronald Reagan (this doc was produced by CBS News, so I'll have to take it with more than a few grains of salt).

Speaking of the Gipper, here's my new shirt:

Thanks to Spydrz for clueing me in on its existence.

Most of my enjoyment of wearing this shirt is pissing off those trendy so-Che-lists (who ironically betray their Hero of the People's Marxist ideals with every t-shirt purchase). I'll get a kick wearing it to the premiere of Steven Soderbergh's upcoming Che Guevara lovefest (I assume).


jasdye said...

i'd love to see a full-blown riot at some of these faux-hippie fests.

maybe we could do cartoon caracatures of Che!

Micah said...

Kate - I'm sure my peeps would have my back.

jasdye - I don't think it'd work. The only thing that would make them turn to violence would be if we put a stop to their munchie supply. Or shut down their nightclubs, coffeehouses, alternative bookstores, etc.

Anonymous said...

I see that Ryan Gosling will be in Soderbergh's film. Can someone please cue "Lazy Sunday"?

P.S. Everyone knows that Rocky Balboa and The Wolverines ended Communism. Reagan was just an old man in a suit.

jasdye said...

The Wolverines? And here i thought it was Captain America!

spydrz said...

It's a holiday weekend? Oh. For the government workers.

Wow! I finally knew something pop culture related before Micah! I think that calls for a lunch at the original Wendy's. Number Six, with a caesar side salad, please.

Micah said...

THSE & jasdye - You're both right. It was a coaliton of Captain America, Rocky, and Patrick Swayze's high school militia that brought the Kremlin to its knees. But don't underestimate the intelligence gathered by Chevy Chase and Dan Akroyd.

spydrz - And for temps!

Hey, the lunch offer prize stands. You slags just have to make it up to Columbus to pick it up.

spydrz said...

Well I did win last year's Oscar pool.

jasdye said...

heck, i think i'd choose Good Burger over the loser pix this year!

spydrz said...

I think my record speaks for itself.