Thursday, February 16, 2006

For the emotionally challenged

Quirky site alert: Eric Conveys an Emotion (and other stuff)

My favorite: Staring at your hands the way people do in movies when they've just killed their first person


Law Fairy said...

Weirdly, that guy bears an odd resemblance to someone I briefly dated.

The guy I dated was also strange.

Micah said...

But could he emote so well?

jasdye said...

my favorites so far are 'hamster in underpants' and 'visiting for the very first time.'

Kate said...

This guy is so goofy, he's kind of cute. You goota like the emotion behind "Realizing you are really stupid and that you have a stupid website!" I also like how he interpreted "I'm better than you and have more money!" Have you seen his adventures? Those are also pretty funny.