Sunday, February 19, 2006

My current favorite headline

Cartoon Violence Erupts Around The World

The situation isn't funny, but I get thoughts of anvils, dynamite and ACME products when I read that.

"Be vewy, vewy quiet. We're hunting infidels."

In related news, Iran has declared that it will refer to Danish pastries as "Roses of the Prophet Mohammad". I guess that's no sillier than "Freedom Fries".


aboynamedjimmy said...

I like your blog, DJL! Nice layout.

This cartoon thing really is a silly situation, isn't it? I posted my own feelings about it on my blog.

jasdye said...


that's a great avator.


how many names you got?

speaking of "roses of the Prophet Mohammad" reminds me of this Outkast song:

"i know you like to think/ that you're [stuff] don't stink..."

Micah said...

ABNJ - Thanks! I'll check yours out a little later.

jasdye - Based on my Sitemeter, ABNJ got here via DVDTalk, where I post under "DJLinus".

And, yes, Opus strolling is great. That's the first time I've seen that particular GIF.

Thanks for reminded me of some more CDs that I need to put into my iPod (been ripping all day).

Micah said...

Yeah, that was a good one. But you've got to remember: AmeriKKKa is the root of all evil.