Tuesday, January 24, 2006

About as funny as (insert arcane reference here)

This weekend I watched Dennis Miller's new comedy special "All In". While his material was kind of funny, it elicited mostly hod nods and only a few chuckles. The funniest part to me:

"Nice to be back here in Las Vegas. I just went for a walk out on the Strip a little earlier. Now I'm looking for a bookbinder to have my porno handouts leatherbound. I never know whether to put 'golden showers' under 'G' or 'P'."

So true. Anyway, the special's worth a look, but not as funny as his previous one - "The Raw Feed" (a steal at only $7).


jasdye said...

once again, i can't stand leno. but he did some of his bit there and i thought it was pretty funny. especially the piece that i can't remember about FEMA.

Micah said...

Jeez, I remember there being a bit about FEMA, but I can't think of what it was specifically. Don't get me wrong - I lurve Miller. This special just wasn't all that.