Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Hump Day News Round-Up

  • "Limbo" is dead. Can one of my Catholic readers let me know how part of the afterlife can suddenly be wiped out?
  • William Shatner sold his kidney stone for $25,000. When reached for comment he said, "Khaaaaaaaaaaaan!"
  • Iran will be holding a Holocaust conference. Any guesses on what they will determine?
  • Sex is the cure for the common cold. Based on the ailments that I've suffered this season, I can safely say self-medication doesn't work.
  • A new study purports that having a TV in your bedroom can cut your sex life in half. What's half of zero? (Alternate Quip: "Talk about Sophie's choice.")
  • Gerald Ford is still alive (again).


spydrz said...


Micah said...

That's hilarious.

jasdye said...

being an evangelical with only loose ties to catholicism, i can only say:

there was a limbo?? what the outside-of-hell?

Anonymous said...

This only lends credence to my theory: Gerald Ford is a Highlander.

Micah said...

There can only be one Highlander. And that is why Reagan died.

Speaking of which: this cracks me up.

Kate The Great said...

A self proclaimed fish eater, I can tell you this: The Vatican basically says limbo never existed. It was basically a place where the souls of unborn babies went since they weren't baptised. The souls were not punished and esentially allowed to bask in some kind of natural happiness without going to heaven. St. Augustine said way back in the day that any soul would go straight to hell without baptism. They relaxed things up centuries later. Now, things are a little more uncertain.

Micah said...

So, Man came up with this particular notion of the afterlife, which has been followed for centuries. Isn't your world crumbling around you now? You silly Catholics.

Kate The Great said...

Hey, at least we have the best weddings. They're usually open bar so you can either count on loose bridesmaids or some funny, drunk moves on the dance floor.