Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Ain't no party like a Burns Night party because a Burns Night party don't stop

Happy Burns Night!

Not Robert Burns.

My night will consist of reading some of ol' Robbie's greatest hits and then a dinner of spinach and feta chicken sausage (hey, I defy you to find haggis anywhere in central Ohio), salad, and cheese, with some shortbread and tea for dessert.

Then I'll have a wee nip or two of the Dalmore (alas, I have no Robert Burns scotch) while I puff on my pipe and watch last night's episode of "The Shield." Maybe I'll drift off to sleep to Braveheart or Rob Roy.

Or maybe I'll screw all of that and watch some porn.


Anonymous said...

Man, I want your life! Just for a week.

Micah said...

dubin - You can do it! Here's what you do: 1) graduate from professional school, 2) take a temp job that covers just your bills, 3) don't live up to your potential (or get laid)

It's just that easy!

kate - Robert Burns. The poet. What are they teaching you folks?