Sunday, January 08, 2006

Another chance to kiss Bender's shiny metal butt?

Good news, everyone. After looking at the high DVD sales and Adult Swim ratings, Fox is talking to Matt Groening about bringing his criminally cancelled "Futurama" back into production. Maybe this time they won't air it on the "Pre-Empted-By-The-Freakin'-NFL-Post-Game-Show" 7 pm Sunday Death Slot.


spydrz said...

That's awesome! Due to that prior timeslot, I've viewed most of the episodes as reruns in syndication. I'm doubly glad for this post as it moves those lovely pics of us further offscreen.

Micah said...

And more syndication to come. That article I linked to says that Comedy Central will be airing it in the future.

I could always repost the pics later. They will never die.

jasdye said...

can they get rid of that michael rappaport show?

i might go back to watching tv on sunday nights now if they put it after the simpsons.

Micah said...

Yeah, that show is just Bad TV. I gave it a chance, but it was terrible. If this pans out, you'd think Fox would do a "Simpsons"/"Futurama"/"Family Guy"/"American Dad" block. Two Matt Groening shows, two Seth MacFarlane butt ain't moving for two hours.

Anonymous said...

Good news, everyone! already mentioned it.

Law Fairy said...


Now it remains to be seen whether Fox will learn from its mistakes (CIP: *AD*).

And, good lord, how is that stupid War at Home show still on the air?

Micah said...

There are reports that "Arrested Development" will surface on ABC or Showtime (probably the latter). I don't have a link, but Google it.

Did you catch the oh-so-subtle reference to that on the last episode? "The H.B.O. doesn't want us. Looks like it's show time."

Law Fairy said...

Best. Self-referential. Episode. Ever.

"Please tell your friends about our show!"

I love the show so much I'd even buy a Showtime subscription, JUST for the show.