Friday, January 20, 2006

Weekend To-Do List

  • Clean house
  • Copy those Warren Zevon CDs I got from the library
  • Write Christmas thank you notes
  • Learn how to make creme brulee
  • Make creme brulee
  • Power read stacks of old magazines
  • Go to the gym
  • Upload holiday pictures
  • Get a haircut (maybe)
  • Take down Christmas tree
  • Fill out and mail Linksys rebate forms
  • Check to see if used CD store has a cheap copy of Paul Simon's Graceland remaster
  • Get caught up on e-mails
  • Research whether or not I should update my iPod's firmware at iLounge
  • Think of more "filler" for my blog


Captain Backfire said...

If by "more filler for blog" you mean "additional pictures of celebrity boobies" I say you forgo all the other crap on that list. A nation of readers is counting on you.

Micah said...

You've got to pace yourself, man.