Thursday, January 12, 2006

Bill's reign of terror is over (kind of)

Earlier I received this e-mail from good ol' Bill Cooper:

Dear University Alumni,

I have decided to step down as President of the University of Richmond effective June 30, 2007, and plan to resume academic pursuits as University Professor. It is a singular privilege to have served as president since 1998. I am grateful for the dedicated efforts of all members of the University community.

Working together, we have achieved a great deal and have made key decisions that will continue to unlock Richmond's full potential. In coming months, I look forward to working to fulfill the aims set forth in our strategic plan and laying the groundwork for future achievements. Let us join together in a spirit of friendship and appreciation for the opportunities we share in serving Richmond.


Bill Cooper

Don't let the door hit your ass on the way out (in 2007).

My Dad called me tonight to tell me the good news, but I told him that Spydrz beat him to it (I got a voicemail from him while I was in Target buying vittles for tomorrow's road trip to Filthydelphia). He was a little dejected, but I told him that, at the very least, he could simply share in my joy. And we laughed and laughed and laughed...


jasdye said...

what? is he racing against leno and eisner to see who can give up the top spot to someone more qualified in fewer years?

Micah said...

Well, there's speculation on this message board that Cooper will be gone sooner than that (I hope!), but there's no confirmation.

At what point do you think Conan will start phoning it in, knowing that "The Tonight Show" is his (or has he already started doing that? - I'm not a regular viewer).

jasdye said...

the thing about conan is, leno's played it safe, very conservative. i think that's how he won that spot.

o'brien is not your typical family-hour stuff at all. i think he's hilarious beyond reproach, but i think if he were aiming for that spot by his on-the-air antics, he would've toned it down a long time ago.

but, he is an acquired taste. you're just wrong if you don't like him.

Micah said...

Letterman was in the same position as Conan, but seemed to tone it down when he got to 11:30. I don't think anyone expects The Old Conan when he takes over the reigns.

It's not that I don't like him; far from it. His show's just on too darn late for me to watch it. I prefer Andy Richter-era, but the show's still good when I do catch it.

spydrz said...

Update from today's Times-Dispatch:

But he would be willing to go even sooner if a new president is found before then, a university spokesman said

UR Rector Otis D. "Skip" Coston of McLean said a search for Cooper's successor would begin immediately.

Kate The Great said...

Conan is the hottest, tall funny redhead Irishman I've ever seen.

Micah said...

spydrz - Cool!

KtG - Somewhere, Carrottop is crying.

jasdye said...

he's gotta be hotter than that brunette scot on cbs late-night.

and, i love living in the midwest for two reasons, 1) we're nicer; 2) we'll have freshwater long after everyone else runs out; 3) prime time (and therefore, late night) begins an hour earlier.

Anonymous said...

Coop Rulez!

spydrz said...
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