Monday, January 09, 2006

Danke schoen, Stardust

August 2003

"Oh, Mikey, you don't want all that 'Pirates Of The Caribbean' horseshit, or the 'Rock and Roll Grunge Tip.' Guys like you and me gotta kick it here, old school."

Boyd Gaming has announced that it will be tearing down the Stardust Resort and Casino to make way for a $4 billion, 63 acre complex on the Vegas strip. Around since 1958, the Stardust was the second hotel I ever stayed at in Vegas (the first being Excalibur - ugh). Yes, it's run down, the rooms aren't anything to write home about, and the casino's full of blue hairs, but it was fun kicking it old school. Plus, two words: Wayne Newton (the man's voice is shot, but - hot damn - he can put on a show). It'll be sad to see this Vegas institution go the way of the Sands, the Dunes, and all of the other Rat Pack-era haunts.


Kate The Great said...

What a shame. Oh well... long live Caesars.

Anonymous said...

Well, Micah, maybe at long last they will build "Newark, Newark."

Anonymous said...

Easily the first time I have read an article about Vegas and my stomach has turned (other than that feces in the buffet thing of '03, but to tell you the truth, that didn't rock me that much). I think this all but seals the deal on a return trip to The Stardust and our second attempt to kick it old school and find a grandma that could bankroll us for years. Toss it around, pour some of your martini out tonight in memory of The Stardust and wonder where all the gangsters are now going to do their sports-betting.

Law Fairy said...

I wonder if somewhere, Clark Griswold is secretly overjoyed.

Micah said...

KtG - And TheHotel.

dubin - Finally. I'd love to see the rooms. Just like the projects!

fraley - The article I linked says that Boyd plans on running the Stardust through '06, so we'll have ample opportunity (if we keep up our rate of Vegas trips). As for where the gangsters will go, I hear Newark Newark is nice.

law fairy - I will not tolerate references to Vegas Vacation on my blog.