Friday, October 07, 2005

Big Friday Night: baked goods and mutants and mix CDs, oh my!

A list of things that I plan on accomplishing over the next 24 hours:

  • Bake a batch of pumpkin squares for tomorrow's party
  • Save the world by defeating Magneto
  • Clean my shoes
  • Make a mix CD for a friend who just got out of a longterm relationship (aforementioned party is in his honor)
  • Learn how to smoke my new pipe
  • File away some papers
  • Go to the gym

Yeah, exciting.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link to your gym. I have a hard enough time dragging myself to my gym.

Start the predictions for next Saturday:

Ohio State 31, Michigan State 27 (no, not my desired outcome, but I'm a realist).

Micah said...

No one expects you to go to the gym, what with you being in your first year of animal husbandry school. I didn't go once in my first year of law school - too busy. And lazy. And fat. But the life of a temp is one of ease and riches, so I can actually go now.

Your prediction for The Game looks about right. It'll be a really close one, methinks.

Anonymous said...

Well, once you've watched a ram being harvested for semen via rectal electro-stimulation with an implement called an "ejaculator" (go figure), you pretty much want to go home, knock back a double and smoke a Benson & Hedges. And maybe cuddle and talk.

Not conducive to pumping iron.

spydrz said...

A double what?? I seem to have a couple extra bottles of Mr. Daniel's green label lying around.

Law Fairy said...

I think it's funny that your Ohio gym names itself after the greatest state in the union. Yeah, everyone wants to be us.

I'm completely jealous of your plans. I narrowly avoided getting pulled into the office this weekend by a previously-made promise to my recently-widowed grandmother to visit her tomorrow.

Can I throw myself a party for not having been in a relationship for over a year and a half? Or do I have to, like, actually grow as a person for that kind of thing (that's the LAME answer btw)?

Micah said...

Dubin - That sounds like a fun class. Can I audit it?

spydrz - A couple? Are you stocking up for Y2K?

lawfairy - I'm really not sure why they chose that name, but considering my fee is $16/month (after paying for the first year up front a couple of years ago), I'm not complaining. Well, maybe about one thing: out of twenty or so stationary bikes, there is only ONE that I like. That part sucks.

Told you the Real World sucks. Especially if it requires billable hours.

A party for a year and a half? Give me a break. My last relationship was in the Clinton administration. The first one.