Tuesday, October 04, 2005

That's what she gets for getting mixed up with Nihilists

Not a Party Girl.

Master thespian Tara Reid fired her publicist, whom she believes cultivated her party girl image.

Know what's the best way to comabt one's false image as a hard partyer? Have your own (recently canceled) cable TV show devoted solely to partying.


spydrz said...

Thank you so much for not making this your CoTW.

Micah said...

That picture's terrible and she can't act worth a damn - so no Crush. But I'd still hit it.

jasdye said...

go white sox.

east coast suckas!

Kate The Great said...

Yeah, I thought she was going to be this week's crush, too.

I was getting ready to ingest vomiting.

Thanks for letting me keep my lunch. That girl is disgusting.

Micah said...

CB - I'll check it out when there's nothing of note on Skinemax. And sorry you're having a rough time. At least you got hi-def. I'll be viewing lo-def for the forseeable future.

jasdye - Go Nationals, er, Orioles. Ah, forget it.

KtG - See my first comment in this post. This week's Crush ain't so bad, is she?