Monday, October 17, 2005

This should pave the way for my musical about Pol Pot

MW favorite Fatboy Slim and former Talking Head David Byrne are collaborating on a musical based on the life of former Philippine first lady Imelda Marcos. As Dave Barry says, I'm not making this up.


jasdye said...

new wavers and english beat maestros unite.

possible song titles, anyone?

"i'm still running (in these nice new shoes)"
"burning down the islands"

Anonymous said...

Micah--Will your musical about Pol Pot be anything like "Mamma Mia"? Like when he kills the main character (whatever her stage name is), then kills Abba, then kills the entire cast and crew, and then kills 2 million other people just for being nearby? I want to guest star as Idi Amin!

Micah said...

jasdye - You were made for the Great White Way.

dubin - That's exactly what it'll be like. Don't forget that when you buy your ticket, you get the added bonus of being slaughtered.

Anonymous said...

It's the way Pol Pot would have wanted it. What better way to avoid the risk of anyone not liking the show than by slaughtering the entire audience and several million others, just to ensure that they, too, will not buy tickets to a show they will fail to enjoy?

Circuitous logic, to be sure, but all for the good of The People.