Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Crush of the Week: Jewel

This week's Crush singer/songwriter/hippy-dippy poetry chick Jewel. I've been crushing on her ever since she first came on the scene. For two obvious reasons. Hell, I even think her fang is cute. She gets bonus points for once dating one of my favorite artists - Steve Poltz (who co-wrote "You Were Meant For Me").

Meant for me.

And I must add, "sell out" move or not, her video for "Intuition": drool.


Anonymous said...

Yes. This is good. You've done well this week.

Anonymous said...

If Shamrock had boobage like that, he could write all the grammatically tortured poetry he wanted. As it is, he feels free to mangle the English language remorselessly anyway.

jasdye said...

that was just plum-tortured poetry. that was poetry being tortured, forget grammar.

Micah said...

The past few weeks I've taken you to Mordor, but now I brought y'all back to the shire.

Poetry schmoetry. Have you seen her rack?

Shamrock doesn't care about English teachers.