Thursday, October 27, 2005

'Tis not quite the season

Okay, I'll fess up. I broke out the Christmas music two days ago. Normally, I wait until mid-November (see, I make a Christmas music compilation CD each year and that takes time to burn the CDs, design the packaging, and mail them out). But for some reason I just got a hankering to listen to the holiday albums from Barenaked Ladies and Chris Isaak. Funny enough, that very same day, my brother e-mailed me saying he started listening to Christmas music, too. He even sent me a new song that he recorded ("When the Snow Falls"). Must be something weird with our family.


jasdye said...

weird and demented.

what was that group, the Oak Ridge Boys? you sure you're not into them?

Kate The Great said...

Micah's into them... but it has nothing to to with their music.

KPMD said...

Wow, I hope Shamrock doesn't see this, but exactly two days ago - I started singing, "What are you doing (New Year's Eve)" in the shower. Can't tell you why. After that I had an irrestible urge to dip into the hefty "Christmas Music" playlist in the ole' MP3 player - but I abstained.

So, get out of my head, Micah (and C). 'Cuz it's gettin' all freaky-deaky in here.

Micah said...

Glad to know my brother and I aren't the only ones. I think it's because of this.