Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Crush of the Week: Deborah (Debbie) Gibson

This week's Crush is former teen pop star and current Broadway belter Deborah "Debbie" Gibson. She was lookin' gooooood on the "Great Things About Being..." special I blogged about. I had a thing for her in the '80s. I have a thing for her now.

Shake my love.

Trivia: DG appeared in Ghost Busters as "Birthday Girl in Tavern on the Green."


jasdye said...

didn't you already have debbie gibson (please, no former teen-bop princess is getting the respect of a grown-up name! just ask ricky schroeder!) as a cotw?

and, no, i'm not doing the research for this one!

Micah said...

Nope. You may be thinking of Belinda Carlisle.

GMadrid said...

Excellent choice Micah. I don't know many guys from our generation (gay or straight)who didn't have a crush on her.

Micah said...

GMadrid - Thanks. She was one of those "why didn't I think of her sooner" picks.

CB - As much as I loved Teen DG, I find MILF DG even more attractive.