Saturday, October 15, 2005

Micah World Pigskin Classic

Today is the Micah World Pigskin Classic: Ohio State vs. Michigan State. The Big Ten's best defense against the Big Ten's best offense. MW Chronic Commentator and MSU vet student TheDubin says OSU will win by 2. I say the Buckeyes will win by 3.

The stakes? Only a bottle of the best supermarket bourbon you can find - Early Times.

Because it's never too late for Early Times. So drop on in and join the fun.


spydrz said...

Oooh...supermarket bourbon. I've never seen it smurftacular?

Micah said...

We bought a bottle of it in college...and it sucked. It'll totally knock you on your smurf.

Still, it's better than Parrish's cream sherry.

spydrz said...

I was more referring to the fact that I can't buy liquor in a supermarket...which I think is the reason that Parrish bought that crap in the first place.

Micah said...

Well, here in Ahia, you can't buy any top shelf hard liquor in the grocery store, unless said store also has an ABC store located in it (like my neighborhood Kroger's). So, in a pinch late at night, you have to buy Bowman's rum or Popov vodka. Ugh.

Anonymous said...

Well, I almost cashed in betting against my own team (something told me after the Michigan game that MSU's decades of poor-to-mediocrity weren't about to come to an end this season). Of course, they not only pulled defeat out of the jaws of victory (again)--they WRENCHED it, totally busting up the spread. They can't even get that right. Of course, they seem to have a knack for making things worse when they're already bad.

Then again, if the ABC commentators could have pulled their noses out of Ohio State's collective ass for a few seconds, they might have noticed that the Buckeyes aren't exactly the BCS quality juggernaut they're always presumed to be. It certainly wasn't MSU's stout defense that made them bumble up and down the field for 60 minutes.

Looks like Micah gets a bottle of Early Times...though I'm not sure he deserves such a punishment.

Anonymous said...

Think I'll wear my Richmond shirt instead: Richmond 20, #22 Delaware 10.

Micah said...

I'm sorry, I didn't watch the game. See, Major League II was on TBS and the Not-Quite-A-Million Man March is on C-SPAN. What'd I miss?

The game was a whole lot closer than the what the final score says. The Buckeyes offesne looked terrible, as usual (can you please hold onto a reception? Ted Ginn, you were once a Heisman prospect.). But that blocked field goal...nice. MSU coach was PISSED as he walked into the locker room at the half.

As for the commentators, I should alert you that Brent Musberger is a well-known OSU hater and the folks here in Cowtown hate him.

I look forward to the whisky dick that my new bottle of Early Times will provide.

Way to go, Richmond! Now, I just want to see USC lose.

Anonymous said...

Ah, but alas, USC won. And f%#^(*^&%(&&(&*^%$in' Michigan.

I would have to say that even if Brent Musburger is a known OSU hater, it still doesn't show. I think it has more to do with the general media overhyping of OSU than the commentator's personal feelings.

Plus MSU's years of mediocrity always leaves them as an afterthought when it comes to coverage. Hence MSU's victory in a fairly even matchup with Notre Dame becomes the upset of the century.

Either way, whiskey dick will be the least of your problems after a sampling of Early Times.

Micah said...

I'll agree that relative to this game, OSU was overhyped. But overall, they aren't garnering that kind of media attention.

And stupid USC. Why can't they just lose?

Anonymous said...

It wasn't their time. You see, God has a plan for us all. This week, his plan was for USC to break Notre Dame's South front of their faithful...on national television...for all the world (i.e. America) to see.

The best part was when Leinart was tackled whilst running for the goal line and the ND fans thought they'd won it and began to run out on the field.

Anonymous said...

If I really gave a damn about Notre Dame, I'd be upset that USC won their 28th in a row. But I have no love lost for ND either, so it was kind of fun to see their fans rushed back off the field.

I'm more pissed about Michigan's win. Penn State's defense only had to hold on for one play, and they didn't do it.


Micah said...

It's not that I'm pro-ND, but more anti-USC. Back when OSU had national championship hopes, it was imperative that there be no unbeaten teams after OSU lost to Texas. The Buckeyes hopes are dashed now, so that's not so important to me anymore. Still, I'd like to see USC bite it.

It was kind of funny to see them clear the students from the field.

Anonymous said...

I can understand you being anti-USC, and I can concede the fact that OSU is not currently as overhyped as they were on opening day. USC, Texas, and Virginia Tech are clearly the three best teams in the country right now...everything else is just a matter of opinion, and whatever other bullshit comprises the BCS rankings.

(It's amazing how much more interesting college sports is to me now that I go to a school where the football team plays in a stadium bigger than most high if only they could field a defense).

Micah said...

Tech is now who I'm rooting for to be national champion.

Yeah, I think we would've gotten a totally different college experience had Richmond been a big time sports school. But at least our athletes can read.

Anonymous said...

And they can effectively throw oranges the length of a dormitory hallway!!

But yeah, it is kind of nice that they can read.