Friday, October 14, 2005

Sweetest Day, Schmeetest Day

Sorry, Hallmark. If I wasn't forced to celebrate it in elementary school in the '80s*, then it ain't a holiday. (Apologies to my Jewish readers - my hometown didn't have many of you folks)

*I specify this decade because I don't think kids are allowed to celebrate Christmas anymore. Or Easter. Or Thanksgiving. Or All Saints Day. Or Pentecost. Or Epiphany. Or the Feast of Cana of Galilee. Or the First Day of the Festival of Tabernacles.


Anonymous said...

We're just glad we could contribute to you having those holidays which you are forbidden to celebrate in America. After all, your boss is a Jewish carpenter.

And more importantly, a bottle of Early Times says: Michigan State at Ohio State(-2)(in case you don't know, that means I'm predicting a 2-point spread Ohio State I said, I'm a realist).

Micah said...

Frank Stallone is Jewish?

I'll take you up on the Early Times wager. I say OSU will win by 3 (the Bucks sure love their field goals when the defense isn't scoring all of the team's points).

It's on, mothersmurfer.

Anonymous said...

Micah--Understand, of course, that MSU has quite a prolific offense that can usually put up a lot of points (42 vs. Kent State, 42 vs. Hawaii, 44 vs. Notre Dame, 61 vs. Illinois, 30 vs. Michigan)...and then the defense goes out on the field and gives up nearly as many points. So even if OSU isn't a high-scoring team, they can find a way to score enough points to win.

Not that I want them to, but...

Glory be to Frank Stallone!!

spydrz said...

Looks like you're both who gets the lovely bottle of New Jersey bourbon?